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How important are images in the digital age? Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram are popular social media platforms and pure evidence of our thirst for digital imagery. Not only does social media rely heavily on digital imagery, but other aspects of businesses have started to incorporate commercial photography in order to stand out among the millions of businesses out there. 

Professional photographer, Roxanne Herres, has a newly built studio that is equipped with lighting, backdrops, and technology. Roxanne's experience will bring your business into the "best light." Just think about what kind of first impression you want to make for your business.  Sunnvalley can help with the technical aspect of your ideas.  

Not only is Sunnvalley equipped with the ability to capture headshots and product shots in the studio, but Roxanne also has portable capabilities, including lighting, backgrounds, and cameras, including wide-angle lenses to capture buildings and interiors.

Professional photography, combined with high-end graphic design, and result-driven web designs, can give your business a competitive edge. Consider professional, freelance photography services, or stock photography for your commercial photography needs.


Here is a small sampling of our commercial photography.


Summit by Morrison - Whitefield, NH


The Balsams Grand Resort Hotel - Dixville Notch NH

The Riverwalk - Lincoln NH



Eye Doctor

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