Five easy steps to prepare for a portrait session

Five easy steps to prepare for a portrait session

Portrait sessions can be pretty fun or stressful depending on how you prepare for them. The key to a non-stressful session is to be prepared.  Here are some tips to help you prepare for any portrait session.  

  1. Decide which season and time of day work best for you and your loved ones, and book your session at least 2-3 weeks in advance so that everyone has time to prepare their hair, nails, outfits, shoes, etc.
  2. Look for inspiration on our galleries, or create a mood board on Pinterest and share your thoughts and ideas with the photographer and whoever is invited to the session.  This is a great way to get everyone on the same page, and the photographer to get a sense of your style.
  3. Wear clothes that are comfortable and match in style.  For instance; entirely casual or entirely formal. Dress with minimal patterns in group shots. However, patterns can work in singular shots. You are welcome to send me ideas by email, and I can give advice. 
  4. Bring comfortable shoes to walk around in.  Keep dress shoes or clean shoes for indoor shots or to carry to different locations.  Sometimes they are in the photos.
  5. Make sure you get enough rest the night before and have a snack and drink before we get started.  We will be moving around and it takes a bit of time to get started, do the portraits, and check out at the end.  You are welcome to bring water, but we recommend no colored drinks or messy snacks.  

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