There are several ways to place an order.
  1. You can order prints online.  If you want to pick up the order as the studio use coupon: freepickup during check out. 
  2. Send order by mail with a check
  3. Order over the phone using a credit card
  4. Come in for an ordering appointment
 These packages can be ordered through the studio.


Galleries will be posted online for 180 days from the day they are posted. If you don’t place an order during this time, your gallery will expire.  After the online gallery expires, you have three ordering options.
  1. Set up an ordering appointment at the studio with Roxanne.
  2. Purchase a proof book, and use an order form to mail in with a check.
  3. We can re-upload your gallery online so you can shop online. Galleries will be re-uploaded for another 60 days before expiring again.
Ordering appointments and re-uploading cost $25.00 which is non-refundable and 100% usable toward your order. Proof books are 8×10 folios that include thumbnails and image numbers. They are $40.00.
Proof Book

Proof books are a great way to see your photos in print, any time you want. These images are unedited thumbnails. Only purchased copies are edited.

8x10 proof books make a great keepsake.

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