My Family Session

My Family Session


We haven’t done a family portrait in a while, and I really wanted to take one in the fields below my house because I love the mountains in the background. Celebrating my 19th wedding anniversary, I forced my family to dress up and take photos with me! They are never happy when I do this, but we do get some fun shots. I picked summer colors for our outfits that work well with greens and blues from the mountain and the grass. Personally, I like solids and minimal patterns for my portraits.


Alli had to leave at 5:30, and my husband got home from work at 5:15. I picked out all of our clothes in about 10 minutes, we got dressed and walked down to this field. I found the perfect spot, set up the camera, and had them stand-in for a few practice shots. It was very buggy so I had to move fast. I set the timer, and boom two family portraits! I did take a quick few of my kids together as well before Alli left. Ashton helped me take photos of Albion and me together. Then he photographed me with my three dogs. When I am shooting, I look and see if I like the photos, then move on. This session covered everything I wanted in about 15 minutes.


What am I going to do with these photos? I am going to update the frames in my house. I put a few on social media. I might print a few for gifts. I might have one printed on metal or wood for my studio. Print your legacy! Don’t settle for crappy photography, digitals, and cheap prints. There is nothing like holding it in your hand or looking at it on your wall every day. YOU’RE WORTH IT!


Getting photos done every year or a few times a year is great bonding time! Your family images hanging on the wall are a great reminder of what’s important in life. When my kids see their portraits printed and displayed in our house, they know how much they are loved and how beautiful they are.

My Family – Alli’s Favorite
My Family Portrait – My Favorite

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