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Stock Art Photography

Sunnvalley photographer, Roxanne Herres, has a passion for photography that has inspired her to build a large variety of Stock Photography, including wildlife, nature, scenery, flowers, weather, historic buildings, lakes, and waterfalls. Most of these images are captured in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine. She also has a photography/design studio where she creates a variety of artistic images. You can find out more about Roxanne’s artistic images described below.


Stock Photography can be used for advertising, editorials, and commercial publications. SVC’s ever-changing selections are available for purchase online as licensed high-resolution digital images, or as prints or gift items. If you choose any of SVC’s web design or graphic design services, you may be eligible to include a few of our stock photographs in your designs for free. This will depend on the scope of your project. Sunnvalley Stock Photography has been published in several local media marketing pieces. A great example of some of Roxanne’s Stock Photography can be seen on these local business websites:,,, and

Sunnvalley also provides a variety of artistic images. Photographer, Roxanne Herres, defines her artistic images as imagery that is purposefully lit, purposefully composed, and creatively edited. These artistic images are created in the studio,  just outside the studio, or on location, with very specific techniques and end results in mind.  Artistic images are perfect for decorating your home or office. We can print smaller projects in our studio, but if you go online, you will find a large variety of framed prints, canvases, cards, and gift items to choose from.  You can purchase our stock photography and artistic images. CLICK HERE FOR STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY

Sunnvalley can print small jobs in-house, to be picked up at the studio. Some of the stock photography and artistic images are displayed on a wall in the Sunnvalley Studio located in Columbia, Northern NH.

Through Roxanne’s membership in Connecticut River Artisan Group, the opportunity to present and sell has occurred at The Tillotson Center, Fiddlehead Gift Store, Indian Stream Health Center, and Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital.